Business Valuation

Opening a business bank account

When setting up a business, regardless of its legal form, many entrepreneurs ask themselves whether it is necessary to open a business bank account. Although in practice it is generally recommended to open a business account, it is not mandatory for all entrepreneurs. However, separating your business account from your personal account is one of […]

Business: asset valuation methods

Asset value is the primary valuation of a business that takes into account the market value (which can be withdrawn by selling it), the net asset value (market value minus a discount to make a quick sale) and the use value (corresponds to the pleasure or convenience that an asset brings). So the asset valuation […]

Characteristics of cash flow valuation

Cash flow is literally translated as cash flow, which represents a cash flow generated by a company’s activities. It is an accounting balance indicating a company’s ability to finance itself. In order to make a cash flow valuation, cash flow must be calculated by taking the net profit at the end of the year, adding […]