Business Valuation

How to open a business bank account?

Running your own business comes with a to-do list. Producing financial statements and monitoring cash flow are just a few of these obligations. One of the priorities (if not the highest) is to open a business bank account. You may feel that separating your personal and business finances will cause you stress and headaches. But […]

Online Banking for Professionals: steps to open a professional account

A company’s professional bank account is the focal point of the business. All transactions carried out in the name of the company are concentrated there. Choosing the most suitable online pro bank or neobank requires prior consideration. You can visit for further more information about Neobanks option. Ready to get started? Open an account […]

The steps to open your professional account online

Do not hesitate any more and create your professional account in one of the online banks in order to obtain a RIB more quickly and start your activity without further delay. Compare the offers and do not neglect the seriousness and professionalism of the selected bank. It is important that you are certain that you […]

Why and how to open a business bank account online?

With the dematerialization of our means of payment, it has become logical to wish to open a corporate bank account in an online bank. For several years now, the digital revolution has been preparing itself in the heart of banking establishments and some neobanks or online banks offer the possibility of creating a professional account […]

Opening a business bank account

When setting up a business, regardless of its legal form, many entrepreneurs ask themselves whether it is necessary to open a business bank account. Although in practice it is generally recommended to open a business account, it is not mandatory for all entrepreneurs. However, separating your business account from your personal account is one of […]

Business: asset valuation methods

Asset value is the primary valuation of a business that takes into account the market value (which can be withdrawn by selling it), the net asset value (market value minus a discount to make a quick sale) and the use value (corresponds to the pleasure or convenience that an asset brings). So the asset valuation […]