Cash flow

Cash flow – What is cash flow?

Cash flow refers to the flow of cash into or out of a company during a specific period. A cash flow therefore refers to the flow of liquid funds generated during the accounting period and generated by the ordinary activities of the company. What does cash flow consist of? Unlike profit, fictitious expenses such as […]

What is free cash flow?

Cash flow is the amount of money flowing into and out of a company’s account. These flows are analyzed in accounting and finance to determine whether or not a company needs cash. The free cash flow is a concept that allows to determine the investment policy in a company. We detail all this in this […]

Cash management and risk management

For business leaders, cash management and risk management are of the utmost importance. This is a concern that is particularly relevant in view of the constant instability of the financial markets and the increasing risk of non-payment. There are therefore some strategies that companies are implementing in order to face these challenges. Cash management analysis […]

Savings account: which passbook offer to choose?

In France, you can find a wide variety of savings accounts. It would therefore be difficult for you to find your way around. But how do you make the right choice? What type of passbook should I choose? What exactly is a “livret”? Anyone who wants to set aside bank savings can open a savings […]