How to open a professional bank account?

Opening a professional account, a must? You have just created your company and wish to open a professional bank account as part of your daily activity. But what is the appropriate procedure? Is it compulsory for an entrepreneur to open a professional account? Setting up a business is often synonymous with opening a business bank […]

How do I open a business account online?

The ability to open a business account online has made the process of setting up a business easier. No physical meeting with an advisor, no need to bring the supporting documents in person, everything is done online. This is a considerable time saver. And a not insignificant saving, because it must be admitted, opening a […]

How to perform a financial analysis?

For the takeover of a company, for example, financial analysis is crucial because it is used to determine whether the company in question can make a profit or whether it generates losses instead. So thanks to the financial analysis of a company, one also has the possibility to have a very good visibility on its […]

Why is accounting essential in a company?

In order to guarantee its sustainability, a company must make a profit. The importance of accounting, in the first place, is therefore to know if expenses do not take precedence over turnover. This seems to be a simple principle, but the purpose of accounting is much broader. The understanding of how a company operates is […]

Why does the price of money go up and down?

  Silver is well qualified as a precious metal. It is often underestimated, yet it has considerable potential. It happens that the price of silver and the yellow metal are in strong competition. That is to say, when the price of gold falls, the smartest investors invest on the silver side. But before investing in […]

Doing your tax return in Fribourg

Taxpayers of the city of Fribourg have to pay taxes on income and wealth, if they are natural persons of legal age, and on profit and capital, if they are legal entities. Failure to pay these taxes or not to do so within the time limit may result in fines. Find out how to make […]