Wealth Management

How to become a wealth manager?

A wealth manager is a consulting professional and an innovator in wealth management. He or she manages a client’s portfolio and offers investments and financial investment solutions. His or her areas of expertise revolve mainly around economics, taxation, law, finance,…

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Why invest in life insurance?

When it comes to wealth objectives, investing in life insurance is considerably attractive. For a subscriber, life insurance meets a variety of needs, including: investment of savings, transmission of wealth, constitution of a retirement supplement, etc. This article aims to…

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Why take out an accumulation contract?

The interest of an accumulation contract is still little known to the general public. Some wealth management advisors are also unaware of its existence. However the subscription to the capitalisation contract has many advantages especially for many patrimonial objectives. It…

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Wealth management: how to optimise your tax situation?

Paying less tax without infringing tax laws is quite possible. As part of wealth management, optimising your tax situation is an important step. It is then advisable to choose among the various available systems the one that is best suited…

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How to prepare for retirement?

Preparing for retirement is an essential step if you want to preserve your current standard of living. Indeed, when you are no longer active, your income will drop. For a worker, he will receive a pension, but it will no…

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How to pass on one’s heritage?

The transmission of a heritage is important in order to ensure the future of your children. There are various solutions and it can also be done during your lifetime. However, it is necessary to be aware that new rules can…

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