How do I open a business account online?

The ability to open a business account online has made the process of setting up a business easier. No physical meeting with an advisor, no need to bring the supporting documents in person, everything is done online. This is a considerable time saver. And a not insignificant saving, because it must be admitted, opening a professional account online costs much less than in a traditional bank. But then, how do you open a professional bank account online and enjoy all these advantages?

Opening a business bank account online: which bank to turn to?

There are three possibilities for the business owner to open a business account in an online, mobile and/or neobank ( Visit for more). All these banks offer account opening in a few minutes, price transparency (no hidden fees), data security and a range of services at very competitive prices (authorised overdraft, pro passbook, comprehensive insurance, etc.). Note: don't hesitate to compare offers and prices of online banks to be sure that the services offered are in line with your needs (legal status, legal form, company name, market research, business activity, etc.).

Steps to follow to open a professional online bank account

Creating a file to open a professional account is generally done in 3 steps:

Give information on your activity

This step consists of filling out an online form, either on the bank's website or on your smartphone via a dedicated application. Please note that the information given must be accurate and precise. Once the form has been completed, all that remains is to digitally sign the contract to open a pro account. There is no need to go to the offices of the competent institutions such as the Répertoire des Métiers or the Court Registry.

Send the supporting documents online

To do this, the entrepreneur must scan his receipts or photograph them on his smartphone if the business account is opened via a mobile application. The supporting documents required on file are :
  • A photocopy of both sides of a valid identity document: national identity card, passport (only the first page with the photo, name and number of the passport), proof of French domicile;
  • Proof of residence less than 6 months old: electricity or gas bill, water utility bill, tax notice, housing tax. Please note that the proof must be in the name of the contractor, in which case an identity document from the host as well as a handwritten sworn statement signed by the latter must be attached;
  • Proof of activity: it differs according to its nature (K-bis, market research, registration in the Répertoire des Métiers of the Chambre des Métiers...);
  • A copy of the company's articles of association for companies already in business.
Note: before choosing a bank and starting the process of opening an account, you should check that you are eligible. Indeed, most Internet banks only accept one category of professionals.

Making a first payment

This involves making a bank transfer to the online banking account. The sum is available on the company account as soon as it is opened. Note that this first payment validates the opening of the account. Once the business account is created and validated, the entrepreneur receives a bank account number, a bank card and possibly a payment terminal (if requested). Note: some online banks may ask for a minimum deposit amount, but most apply the €0 first deposit to appeal to professionals.

What proof of activity is required to open a professional online bank account?

As mentioned above, the proof required depends on the nature of the business creators' activity (legal status, legal form, company name, etc.) :

The entrepreneur is a craftsman

In this case, he will have to send proof of registration to the Trade Register of the Chamber of Trades and/or to the Business Formalities Centre that is less than 3 months old.

For traders and craftsmen employing fewer than 10 employees

The proof of activity to open a professional bank account online will be a proof of registration with the Trade and Companies Register or a K-bis extract from the Centre de Formalités des Entreprises of less than 3 months.

The case of the liberal professions

The following 2 documents are required for self-employed entrepreneurs:
  • A proof of INSEE registration of less than 3 months;
  • And proof that the entrepreneur is registered with a professional order (such as the Internship for Preparation for Installation) or a copy of a valid professional identity document.
Good to know: if the entrepreneur is a self-entrepreneur and falls into one of these three categories, he or she must also send the cerfa P0 form which proves that the business activity has already started. He will also have to send proof that he is known to URSSAF or RSI.

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