The steps to open your professional account online

Do not hesitate any more and create your professional account in one of the online banks in order to obtain a RIB more quickly and start your activity without further delay. Compare the offers and do not neglect the seriousness and professionalism of the selected bank. It is important that you are certain that you are dealing with a trusted institution! Visit if you want to learn more about finding the right bank for your business. Go to the online banking site you have chosen and click on the tab "creation of a professional account". Afterwards, you will have to fill in the information about your company, taking care not to omit anything and of course not to give incorrect information. Registering online only takes a few minutes and some banks offer you a welcome bonus. Once all the data has been registered, you must digitally sign the contract to create a bank account. This is done quickly and simply. To validate your account opening, you need to download the requested supporting documents and make a first payment which will be available on your account once it is opened.

The requested supporting documents

1. A clearly visible photocopy of your identity document on both sides which must still be valid, the first pages of your passport including the document number and your full identity accompanied by the photo or a copy of your French resident card. 2. Proof of residence dated less than 6 months ago (a bill from the water, electricity or gas supplier, the taxe d'habitation, the tax notice, etc.). It must absolutely be in your name, otherwise you must accompany it with the identity document of the person who is accommodating you and a declaration on honour that the host will have drawn up by hand. 3. A proof of your activity (different according to each case):
  • If you are a craftsman: proof of registration in the trade register which must be less than 3 months old.
  • If you are a trader or craftsman who employs more than 10 employees: proof of registration with the trade register. (Kbis) less than 3 months old.
  • If you are in a liberal profession: proof of INSEE registration dated less than 3 months ago and proof that you are registered with a professional order or a copy of your valid professional identity document.
  • If you are in one of these cases and you are self-employed: the CERFA P0 which proves that you have started your activity and proof that you are known to URSSAF or RSI.
Some banks require a handwritten signature on a blank sheet of paper in order to have a record.

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